Key Metals Aluminum Guide

6061 Aluminum

6061 is a common grade of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It has good formability, is weldable and corrosion resistant. Typical applications include: engineering and structural applications, boats, truck bodies and frames, screw machine parts, wheels, pipe fittings, railway car components.

Typical Analysis:

.70 max
.25 max
.15 max
.15 max
Temper Designations
+ Heat treated & aged
T651 + Stress relieved
T6511 + Straightened
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 45 ksi
Yield Point 40 ksi
Elongation 2" % 12-17
Hardness Brinell 95
Machinability % 70-80
*based on 6061 T-6,T651

Mic 6 Cast Aluminum Plate

Mic 6 Cast offers superior dimensional stability and flatness compared to 6061 rolled plates. Being a cast product, it possesses very low internal stresses. Considered a 7xxx series aluminum grade as Zinc is the main alloying element. Mic 6 comes with both sides machined to a surface finish of 20 RMS or better and to a thickness tolerance of +/-.005" with PVC protection on both sides. Fully weldable and corrosion resistant, Mic 6 Cast Plate is a good alternative to 6061 Plate when strength can be sacrificed. Some applications include: tooling, jigs and fixtures, rubber and plastic molds, templates, hydro press form blocks, index tables, electronics, routing tables, chip printers, vacuum chucks.

Mic6 is a registered trademark of Alcoa.
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 25 ksi
Yield Point 15 ksi
Elongation 2" % 3
Hardness Brinell 65