For nearly 60 years, Key Metals has been a supplier of quality tool steel and metals. We have built and maintained a reputation of reliability as a result of our committment to Service. Family owned and operated, Key Metals has supplied quality metals at competitive prices, with unbeatable service.

All of our products are rigorously inspected upon arrival to our warehouse and again before shipping to ensure that you always receive the highest quality steel. Our facility features the latest in cutting technology. Our newest automatic saws have the ability to cut up to 16" diameter or 28" wide plates quickly and accurately. In the sales office, your orders and quotations are handled promptly to help you get on with your day, while offering competitive market prices. Whether you need cut to size or full bar quantities - Contact us today for all of your metal needs!

tool steel

One of our newest automatic twin column saws - 16" Diameter and 28" Wide plate capacity provides quick, accurate cuts

cut tool steel

Cut pieces neatly marked and ready to ship